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design & development

Web development services
Custom website building
that speaks the language of your customers
and differentiates your business from your competition

Our principals

  • Latest trends

  • Modern design

  • Media & Graphics

  • Mobile friendly

  • Simple & Impressive

  • Social integration

Technologies We Use

  • Joomla

  • UI / UX

  • XML

  • CSS

  • Open source

When aid360 started building websites 23 years ago, we lived in a different world.
We had to convince the business owners that they needed a website.
And for many years, quite many of them wouldn’t understand why.

A couple of decades later, it is a common knowledge that a company website:

- Effectively showcases products and services
- Boosts brand awarenesss and streamlines sales
- Provides information that can engage new and existing customers
- Acts as point of reference for the company's activities and values

Our booth at Thessaloniki International Fair September 2000

No. Owning a website today, doesn't guarantee success and more sales.
The competition on the digital space is much greater and old methods don't work.
Potential customers may reach your website from different electronic devices; desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones.
And your website needs to be fully functional and look at its best in all screens.
To achieve that, your website needs to be RESPONSIVE (AKA Mobile-Friendly)

Why you need a responsive website?


According to 2020 reports, the average "western world" citizen spends around 4,5 hours on their mobile phone, every day.

Imagine if the browsing experience of your website from a mobile phone is dissappointing. People will just go to a different site and won't bother again.

When a website is responsive (mobile-friendly), it means that the appearance and the functionalies of your website offer a great experience, disregarding of the device one uses to reach it.

Here in AID360, we only do responsive websites.

Some would think that mobile browsing is more important for B2C companies. But it seems that B2B customers may also be using their smartphone or tablet for business purposes...

- 50% of the first B2B interactions (questions - clarifications) take place through a  smartphone
- 80% of B2B decision makers claim that they research about new partnerships, late in the evening, using their tablet
- 57% of site visitors won't recommend a company, if its website isn't mobile-friendly and they had a bad browsing experiece from their mobile phone


When you host your website in our servers, you can feel relaxed and secure.

If the site malfunctions for any reason, our dedicated team will fix it in no time.

When you host your website in our servers, you can feel relaxed and secure.
If the site malfunctions for any reason, our dedicated team will fix it in not time.

Details that matters

  • 99,99% guarantee uptime

  • Datacenter in Germany operated by Greek experts

  • Fast loading your website in China

  • cPanel & SSL

  • Backup service up to 9 months backwards

Premium guarantee web hosting

Apart from the state-of-the-art design of your website, in aid360 we provide extremely reliable hosting services in our own servers and can guarantee:

Agency for 3D
Visuali­za­tion and
Vir­tual Real­ity

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