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Copywriting & Whiteboard explainer videos

According to a 2015 study from the Statistic Brain Research Institute, the average human attention span was found to be 8.25 seconds.

Nowadays, with all this information bombing, this is expected to be further reduced.

Not that much of a time for attention grabbing and effective engagement of your website visitors, right?

Assuming that the web design will convince them to stay on your webpage, what will keep them there longer and lead them to:

  • learn about your products and services
  • get to know your company
  • contact you

If you haven’t found it already… It’s your website’s copy.

Effective ways to convert your website visitors to customers faster

People get attracted by beautiful graphics, but get persuaded to buy by appropriately written words

Every single bit of the content needs to be written and laid out in such a way, that will hook your prospects and safely lead them all the way down the conversion path.

Testing time!

  1. Go to your homepage and scan it through as a first-time visitor.
    1. Is it engaging enough?
    2. Does it make you want to proceed with checking on your products or services?
    3. Would you describe it as perfectly written, which requires no changes or improvements?
  1. Now, do the same with the websites of your three main competitors.
    1. Are they more successful in grabbing your customers’ attention?
    2. Does the presentation of the products and services look more appealing and credible?
    3. If you were a potential customer, would you contact them first?

If you answered NO to any of the first three questions and YES to any of the last three, then you know your business is in trouble.

If you are a company in the technical sector, we can surely help you out by:

  • Re-writing your website content, so it becomes a lead generation machine
  • Crafting copy that will maximize your conversion rate
  • Providing content marketing that will tie new customers with your brand

Are you going to do something now, or just wait for the competition to steal all your customers away?

Why we limit this down to technical companies?

Because we have over two decades of business development and sales experience on this field. Our commitment is to go past beautiful presentations and deliver content that will produce tangible results.

More specifically, we will help you sell more by delivering:

  • Case studies & white papers
  • Technical articles, blog & social media posts
  • Google, Facebook & Linkedin ads
  • Landing pages, sales letters & e-mail campaigns

We don’t guess; we know what makes you customers want to buy

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