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E - shops

Personalised  e-shops, to match your customer perferences and increase your sales

Today, with the whole world going digital, businesses don't have an option.

Either they follow the wave of or are doomed in isolation and extinction.

In case you haven't already taken your business on-line, here are some good reasons why you should do so without delay.

It was obvious well before the pandemic, that the market activities were experiencing a digital swift.

- In North America, 87% of the product searches used to begin on a digital device.

- 33% of the total shoppers were making purchases using their mobile phones, as revealed by a BRP report.

-69% of the customers that ended up buying from a physical store, have previously researched about the product on-line, according to a RetailMeNot’s research.

- save you 40% of your time from non-productive appointments
- maximize organic reach, local SEO and Google recognition
- pay itself in less than 4 weeks

How will your e-shop help you get your products in front of more customers?

With an on-line shop there is no place your products cannot reach.

Your shop is open 24/7/365 and available to every possible customer on the planet.

Furthermore, you can monitor your business, collect and analyse visitors' and shoppers' data, so that you make optimised business decisions about products and procedures.

Can't you see that this will exponentially increase your business sales potential?

Coupon code its a powerful tool offers seasonal discounts to your customers and help you get rid outdated stock.

How can your e-shop open new sales channels for your company?

Apart from selling your today's business products, an e-shop can help you make more profit by expanding your offering.

Through affiliate marketing and dropshipping, you can add new commercial activities.

With a small investement and no real need for keeping stock or physical monitoting of your inventory, you can create parallel streams of income to your business using universal sales channels, such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba or JD in China.

Smartphones are "the shopping malls of the digital age"

Minimum marketing cost to attract more customers

Do you wish you had a way to get more customers for less marketing budget spent?

Well, according to an early 2020 research by Adjust and Liftoff, the cost of acquiring a new retail mobile application customer dropped globally by 50.6%, compared to 2019.

And with the shift of our purchasing habits to a more digital form throughout 2020, this cost has decreased even more.

Customer contact lists and data analysis guarantee upselling

It has been proved that it is easier to resell to a customer that has bought from you before, than selling to a new customer.

But, how can you reach again a customer who has just made their first purchase from your business?

If they have just left your physical store, you can't. This is out of your control and left down to luck.

On the contrary, that's not the case with on-line customers. Because you can easily:

- Build customer lists to keep contact with them
- Nurture them through personalised e-mail campaigns
- Reach them again on Google, Youtube and Social Media, using retargeting marketing
- Market new products and run special offer campaigns

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