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Why SME centre?

The location in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre offers unique access not only to the city's business centre but to the thousands of exhibitors come from around the world to exhibit their products and services.

Use of facilities are free, which allow us to cut operation costs and been so affordable.

SME offers tools and access to databases for almost every business sector and updated contact details of all key-decision makers of the leading businesses worldwide.

Our Culture, Values and Visions

Teamwork & Unity
Trust & Respect
Passion & Excellence


AID360 Limited is a Greek owned company founded in 1999 in Athens. In 2006 moved its activities to London where it remained until 2010, then it moved its domicile to Hong Kong, where is still active today (2022). We have delivered hundreds of projects from websites, online stores, online booking systems and virtual tour productions. Our philosophy is: "We are not advertisers but we guarantee your success". How to make this happens? By making your website work simply and efficiently and serving its purpose which is "to keep the visitor interested".

In 2004, with the occassion of the Olympic Games in Greece, we created the CD-Rom "Athens Panorama" which presented in a unique 360 view, the Athenean museums, archaeological sites and the city's attractions in a massive production of its era of 143 virtual tours and extended related info and descriptions in seven languages.

Agency for 3D
Visuali­za­tion and
Vir­tual Real­ity

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AID360 Limited

Unit 2201 22/f
Chung Kiu commercial building
47-51 Shan Tung str.
Mongkok Kowloon

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